Kill Cujo


These large letters come over thoughts unwanted

Images of poison

Word scars non real or worth much

Mountain peaks don’t conquer nature

Beauty isn’t conquerable 

Morning air crip as apples

Pick your perfect odd duck

We shall we must 

They say things clever to cover it up

Underneath it all a private conversation

Woods slightly wet to make springs bed


Little pockets of early risers 

Hoping for birds

Winter wants them 

One last frost 

Similar to words that hurt souls

Let there be those things

Yin Yang Twister 

See the distant strangers megaphone their hopes and dreams

Cup them like water in evaporating lakes

Idle voices are the feet in chains

Move hearts to the edge of their BPM

Dancing silhouette gypsy mama 

Been the one since birth

Always there

Haunting me with love and magic 

Color blind

Warm Porrige

Asking for adventure 

Hips tell a persons story

Wolf soul tucked away 

Jazz yet to play his note

The band warming up in time 

Out of sync free movements 

New studio open floor plan

Begin soon

Couch surf the life

Cook them food and say hello

Carry their dying dog to the car 


Ask about the special gravy

Be you 

Shoot the mirroring down like a rabid dog 

Kill Cujo

Be you 

Stab the chameleon 


Be you

Flash the beaming lights of your beautiful experience 

They kick me out after midnight when my teeth grow 

Psychic scripts

Punk rock chakra 

Weirdo coma blues 

On the verge of the verve 

Wind spirit 

A painters wrist 

We are the last hope of ourselves in a world with billions of other last hopes



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