Minds Infinite Nakedness

Just a stroll

Pass by window after window

Look at my feet 

Then look at me

Act aloof but with it and ready 

Above me the edges of manufacturing 

Just a stroll

Your partner in crime

Leopard dog 

She gets all the attention

A matching combination

Just a stroll

Moving to the repeated song

Hips wanna dance 

Turn this town into a musical

Leash made of two separate straps from old baggage 

Just a stroll

One area the eyes come fierce

Leopard dog has cars slowing down

Bridge the turnaround

But maybe we go further


Much happened there

Much has happened here

They know they are reinventing another moment in time

To find peace and love on a hamster wheel

Just a stroll

We won’t stop moving

Hello is addicting 

Romance at a glance

Not thinking 

Leopard dog poops on the sidewalk in front of a group of people eating lunch

I’d be embarrassed but dogs shit and they don’t know what a sidewalk is

Just a stroll

Backpack girl hasn’t been around in days

Ice cream 

Belly says nope

I feel like a poem 

Being read out loud with their eyes

Light and believing 

We turn a familiar left to be seen in the most populated areas

Important to be a regular rhythm in creating

To meet someone at random and they say

I’ve seen you and your dog around


I follow your music 

How are you, its been years


Its just a stroll

Through the alley of old paint and smelly things

I peed their once or twice in my day

By the door of the new school old taverns

Been kicked out of there

Shot the music video by that tree and that bush

New building nothing yet

Art has no home 

Art is not a place for safety

Time isn’t real

You have no time




Just a stroll 

Last walk each night

By windows where I kissed a girl years ago for the last time 



Another stroll in moonlight phases

Those shadows do the dance around us with our silhouettes playing in the clear black sky

Merry go round 


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