Purple Paw Arrow Con


Scurry to the bend

Around the old tree

Turn back through the morning fog

Morning everything 

Unlock blocks that don’t exist

Work yourself over

Roll in and out of it

It’s been a rough ride you’ll read from someone else’s perception of you

You’re still smiling 

Soul dancing for the next balloon rise

Fight companionship with a liberal gun policy 

Fresh again 

What spell did they cast to keep you here

Sunshine still sits on these walls 

New color


Blow a kiss

To the great mulberry that casts the largest shadow 

Purple Paw

We row and row

Drop our paddle in

See the shore line 

Wish for stars to sing a song

Moon from the yard

Tricked plans

Holds our shoulders 


Wears bold earrings in a group of nazis 

No doubt in their cascade 

More love in their switchback 

Journey arrow

Open door

Walk in backwards dealing cards for each


Smoke shades in a sunrise kitchen

Cast iron dimples

Steel eyes

Black coffee noon time

Sugar later

Reveal a spectrum inside the next level of your current ability

Ride clouds over the city


Soup vats with invisible broth

Sand blankets

Barefoot through an alley way of glass and needles

Underground skyline


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