Wolf glass huff and puff

Throw Eggs

Hop trains cross street

Begun to see the vision 

No vision before


Put them on me

Held me at your vistas


No flag 

Polluted river face 

Dead in a dream 


Blood canvas

No face

Spit lies 

Place burnt down in 86 he chainsawed the wall and gave it to me as a gift

Head remove 

Trash in the spools of winters

Poor fool cleans your throw aways

Pattern child 

Eat alone on a half off Mondays 

Tequila war zone

Bar hop


Skip to the poison my love for a time we will be in love without such betrayal 

Read out loud your constitutions 

Top of the hill

Top of the details

Beautiful sing song birds on a stoop

Hands are home

Nestled archetypes 

Stitched up from last years rampage 

May I see your identification please

Stand over there

Garlic tooth

Lights flickering on an old building could be the new rhythm of a new song I have yet to write

Or just flicker there

Life moves

She makes pastrami behind where I live 

New strangers

Old friends still barely witness themselves and share 

Clear glass 

Fishbowl choreography 

Rejected by a mermaid for being too touchy feely 


Stripclub m&ms 


Paradox mindset 

Always asymmetrically indulging 

They liked ass and boobs


Cruise ship altitude 

Pack it up pal

Taxi cab poems on a high rail 

Powdered armrest 

Redundant Blues

Turn Left on 5th toward the new studio

Who plays there

William and Sam


How can I help you

We came for the film

Old prints of beaches


Blue and green water fevers

Tribe stick instrumental

Can’t play you


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