Sand Grass Sky Letters


Corners a clear look

Too beyond the sky words

Cloud letters

All things left unsaid 

Until its still 


Fearless wandered of mind


Wish wisdom fortune 

Your letter 

On the shelf 

So many colors of an alternative face

You walked by me two years later or more

I saw you and said hello

You gave me your number

The rhythms 

Patterns of expressing hope for it again

Not serious 


Deeper than a sour stasis 

For another time we were lions and owls and sand grass 

Blowing in the wind for another 

I remember the songs


Played you before the vanishes

An inspiration in new skin


Flowing waters in a small tin cup of nothing


However fragmented a joy for real 

Depth on a current you can hold 

Slumber summer

On the road until the road twists the story 

We are all home now

Smoke signal from the future word of new 

How shall we jump from this point to that point

Free Will

Free Form


There’s a small light down the alley where they stay

Blinks and strobes until morning 

Oil from the city 



Ponds of color in the fields beneath the frogging time 




  1. I just didn’t know how to reach out to ya but I dig your music!! I even added it to my playlist and that’s a big deal for me but anyways yea, if you wanna reach out to me my that’d be cool I just have questions about your music and you also seem really dope!


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