To The Water And Back To Everywhere Else We Must Go


The images that came through are real

For you


Them in another plain or


Setting free unification 

Vibrancy of will 

Digress devolutions

Because we can

Manifest illusions 

For someone else’s journey 

Transference pilgrims of the third eye

Silent breathers 

Fire actually 

Sensory Malice 

You can smell the sound and mannerisms in their doubt 

Of us

Pick up your bag and place it by mine

Ride through thorns of language 

Clap for the box you created that is now a box and only a box

Festival of seasons show the simple need to be seen or accepted

Clubs that have no vacancy 

Lead them too 

Forrest puzzle with a twist 

Maze Tattoo Face 

We’ve begun our summit 

There is no peak 

Answer was below and you walked by it 

Answer in each day 

Movement micro

Corn husk sizzling joiner 


The Watcher

Fabrics lounging over doors and on beds

Lay with me 

Become a blossoming escape of your former self that exploded intentionally to hold the pieces 


Spray paint them 

Glue them in the city and in shelters off the primitive camps of Appalachia

Turn lights on after dark to see the truth

Turn them off again to be in the dark 

Swirling switchback to view an old church where they confessed their love



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