Daniel Timlin’s Family Bumper Sticker


Artwork by Daniel Timlin

I’ve been a fan of Detroit Native, Daniel Timlin, for over a decade. My hope is we get to share these special drawings regularly. Timlin splits his time between Chicago and Detroit doing odd jobs, drawing, perusing the local fare to inspire, and of course his famous cheap beer and grilled meat parties. A humble entity uniquely gifted as a human, and of course a brilliant Artist tucked away into his laid back lifestyle. I’m really excited to share his work on here.


Adam Stolz Drops New Mix

Chicago Producer, and DJ, Adam Stolz  just released his new mix, Building Impressions. If you’re into House or Techno music it doesn’t get much better than my boys taste in Dance Music. I’m currently working on a new album with him under the name Hot Butter Lunch. The recordings sound so dope. Hopefully we release later this year. Stay way tuned!


Ellis Swan “Don’t Wanna Lie”

Here is Ellis Swan dwelling in Chicago with his hazy, fuzzy, old school, vocal punches. Everything about Swan is antique. His lyrics are stories told like they happened straight out of the 30’s or 40’s, when that simple folk started taking over the waves of America. He has this twisted and dark sound that transports you to a cloud of fuzz and black and white images. Many of his tracks remind me a little of David Lynch, the way he sings his melodies, a little less creepy, which for Swan is a good thing. This track “Don’t Wanna Lie” has a heartbeat that you won’t be able to get out of your head it will haunt you with its simplicity and dark lyrics.

Swan doesn’t seem to have any albums out at this time, which is a huge bummer for me. Head over to his SoundCloud to listen to a collection of 9 tracks with a few available for download. Go get lost in that grainy hazy simple time of life and sound.

Tea Leigh