Chicago To Knoxville


Slept about five hours last night. That’s an hr and some change more than my average all weekend. When you come to Chicago that’s how it shakes out in the end. Writing while being here has been a lot of fun, more importantly, what it did was give me a guide for discipline. If you’re going to be the thing, then you gotta be the thing. After the first day I thought, who cares, felt lazy, but those are the moments that test you. You do it anyway, for yourself. Big day today, a new song of mine went out everywhere online this morning. Perfect timing for this vacation to have so much output says something about how I feel as an individual. When it gets hard, you dig in and make something. No person will change that for me.

Walked up to café this morning with my boy, mashed a garlic bagel, chive cream cheese, and downed a cold brew coffee. We recapped the weekend, cracked up over a few things. Reflected on the folx who came over for dinner last night. It was a splendid evening, delicious food, great wine, capped off with pumpkin pie – a pre thanksgiving gathering done with ease. I got to meet a friend’s new partner. I was told we would hit it off. He’s an artist of many different things, successful and well-spoken, wearing the punk sensibility proper, but a father, a man, centered in his self it seemed. We chewed on giving credit to others when you work on a project. How important it is for everyone involved to get that nod, and essential for creativity to celebrate a collective energy. I like him for sure, and I’m happy for them, they deserve this love.

His partner is someone I met a few years ago through friends in the music scene. She is a fantastic DJ. I was really looking forward to seeing her. She is honest about where she is in the moment, thoughtful, deep, but funny as shit too. We spoke about the music scene, dance music. How it felt “bankrupt” right now and she needs to take a break to see where to go from here. She asked how life was, how my children were, what was new, and how music is going for me.

The other gal who brought the pumpkin pie (clutch move sister)  is another favorite to hang out with. She is full of life, colorful, authentic in how she talks to people, just a quality human being, and also off the chain funny. I hadn’t seen her in a couple years either. We all sat around the table during dinner, playing “I spy” with the kids. During the prep we chilled in the Kitchen while our hosts worked their magic getting things ready. The evening was filled with laughter, smiles, and good conversations – parenting, music, art, friendships, language, history, stories, progress, etc.

You couldn’t ask for a better end to a perfect weekend. My hosts were wonderful, their new home felt like being home. No pressure, no awkwardness, just acceptance and love. It felt good waking up in a house full of heartbeats. Nothing went wrong, no bad energy, just great times. Our circle keeps growing, and the new faces are perfect additions to it all.

I’m at the airport waiting to head back to Knoxville. Waiting for me is rest, and quiet – a future wide open. I have a lot to decide in the next weeks. Where am I going? What can I add to my life that is good for me? Its exciting, but also scary as shit.

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