I haven’t been this excited for an EP in quite a while. OH!HELLO is by far a captivating roller coaster ride for the haunted pop folk heart throbbs out there. I’d say this EP is perfect for a rainy day or a few beers on the front porch. This is a one man show, ran by Michael Todd Berland, from Portland, OR. He bases his EPs on themes, or one word. For instance, the Spooky EP, which you can find on his BandCamp, is partially inspired by scary movies, up late at night sketches, too much coffee and spooky romance. Berland does a fantastic job of keeping you lost in the cloud of beautifully haunted dreamy anticipation for the next track.The entire EP is a smooth listen. It leaves me wanting an endless amount of more tracks. Berland has released two EP’s so far and has plans to put a full album out  in the future, but for now, he’s content releasing his newest free EP called Sleepy. Its been so long since I’ve found an artist capable of keeping such a simple sound but making sure every track is a new adventure. This seems to be easy for Berland, with his smooth vocals straight out of the 50’s, adding on that layered magic. The lo-fi sound is a perfect tone for this EP, feeling nestled up with the tiny static in the background of the story being told. Between his projects, his student career as a graphic designer, and his lady friend, Mr. Berland seems to have plenty of inspiration to keep him going. Get on the amazing Spooky EP and make your Sunday what it should be.

Tea Leigh

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