Luke Reed “Under The Sun”

This one’s for those highlight wavers, right before the night shifts into that “what’s next” moment. Its been awhile since I found myself slugging through the crowds of glow face hipsters, and non attentive koolios.This cut is for those other kids, the one’s who hit the park after dark, and enjoy the chill of their immediate collective. You know the memories where you’re laying on the hill, moon is beaming over you, and the crew. Its early everywhere else, but you lay still, grounded in the lateness of life. Luke Reed is without a doubt similar to Neon Indian, Washed Out, etc. But I mentioned this, now we can establish Luke as his own thing, and with his only single on Soundcloud, he’s done just that. It’s just before midnight, yet I feel like I’m “Under The Sun (true love).” Pass the whirls y’all.

~ Ryan Boos

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