Woah! No Way!

They’ll bury your hands to save their own skin. These revelations only break the mold with folksters and after glows like the one’s we find on Woah! No Way!  She will haunt you with some of her tracks, but the beauty is in there, for me its personal and a tad bit melancholy. Sometimes we have to start over, because “It Starts Over.” I know I did some years ago, I miss the old days, but I’m excited about today. I’m from Michigan, she’s from Indiana, and I can hear my childhood in her music, that palpable midwest vibration, and dead of winter radio. I am a little sad, and shedding a weird  smile. Those days were some of my best, lost in some thin wooded trees, or floating down one of the lakes. On “Little Things” I was immediately lost in some beamed out haven. Back in time, my car was in reverse down this hill, shedding a puke to drive home, even though it would still be a slanted drive after the catharsis. Back home has this darkness to it, no matter where you are. There’s these light patterns shifting through the old roads. So many nights coming home alone, so many nights wanting to be with someone, or  new things that would lead to my finding more than what I had, right then. I did…

~ Ryan Boos

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