ChromadaData AKA Ian Jones

Just a piece of dope works here on all counts. The B role movie samples out of some Ed Wood escape from Mars 10,000 shite. Then there’s the flow, shades of  Slick Rick, Kool Keith, which are two of my favorite MCs, just got into the sack together for this one. The beats are thick, the samples are on so much point, they’ll stab yo ass in the eye. The lyrics on “Brother From Another Planet” are of course right in the pocket. Confident with the shoulder shrug of a kid who knows his style is stupid good (look at the image). Yeah, he’s from another planet, clearly. “Take Off” is filled with lovely globility, with the flute/string bit. The bass line is enough to notice and subtle enough to be smooth as ____!  And then there’s “Kung Fu” with so much funk and soul it would make Super Fly stop and dance with a pimp.

~ Ryan Boos

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