Jonas K.P. Set Me Free

In this pasture of sound you want everyone to succeed.  As I search for these Acres, I’m blown away by how small things are when you shrink them down, from the massive amounts of explorers I’m finding. For example, looking at my own sounds, they become almost immediately less than what my perception glorified them as being before.  I’m sincerely figuring out that maybe making music is not my first source into the creative exploration. It might not be developing this site either, it might be as a listener. Just someone who allows the music to wash over them exclusively so that my findings can come true without the absolute nature of my ego. That’s what this track has made me think about anyway. Irony being, I just talked about myself the entire first paragraph. Jonas K.P. is one of those Artist that just blows your mind into some maze of come togetherness, or self revelations wrapped in some starry nights. More and more I want to be free, honestly free, just sitting on some hood of a car looking down on some city, up in the hills, listening to songs like “You, I, Us.” This is not a knock on my current life, I love it, but damn the man you know?

On this wonderful song, there’s nothing simple here. Everything about it feeds off all the elements used to make it. It’s a symphony of beauty posed to us as some giant conversation.  It’s as progressive as setting up a camera for one whole cycle of the earths offering, and fast-forwarding through the whole business to the length of this song. This is one of the best songs I’ve heard on Soundcloud to date. I won’t ever throw around the previous statement lightly, and if you see it on here every so often, its sincere. Jonas has release an EP on Beatport called Abyss, that you should happily purchase here. On the full length you can’t disengage from the similarities to Tycho, but this kind of music has a million faces, regardless of who blew up first.

This is the color montage bits, with escaped heavy rich textures unfolding. I want to climb to some tower and blast this song through the city, and knock down the chain society presses on us all to be something we were never meant to be. Songs like this play the parts that make us wake up to discovering something. Discovering “You, I, Us,” something like that. Here’s to finding out all the things we haven’t learned yet, and here’s to Jonas K.P. out of Denmark, he just made my week. Thanks buddy, discoveries have never sounded so damn glorious.

~ Ryan Boos

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