Julsy “F(r)iends”

This cute little number from Frances Julsy is the perfect blend of classic indie folk rock, and enough weirdness with the field recording to separate it from anything else in the category. I guess for the sake of “genrefying” it, we could place it with Devendra Banhart in the freak folk arena, which is probably just lazy on my part. I was never sold on that genre title honestly, even though I’m a huge fan of the bands that get placed in with the stereotype. The artist calls this song “bloody happy folk.”That’s an interesting way to describe it, and if you remove the intentional weirdness, there’s nothing really freaky about “F(r)iends.” It’s far too cute to be bloody. Kind of reminds me of something from the now classic movie, Juno. There’s the emotional sense , of a rebellious teenage girl expressing the problems of highschool. Then again, this is me describing things in an easily definable way. It’s a good song, this is really all that matters. The last thing you hear is a total left fielder, that makes the tune playful almost comedic. So, Julsy seems to be a few different things with the center piece being Folk, which is what I call it regardless of all the add ons.

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