The Sporz Climb The Mountain Of Dust

“Life is so serious, because  it is” belts Baltimore based The Sporz, which all rings into reality with a quick punch to the gut. On this richly bent number he’s telling us why be so particular about things, when we all know what happens, eventually. “We are remarkably organized mountains of dust, need I remind us where everyone is going to end up?” is such a powerful lyric on “Organized.”  I typically relate to the realist kind of music, the songs that portray themselves as a quasi-pretty sound, but in all honesty they’re telling you to chill out, be happy, cause you’ll be dead soon. I have to disclose that this dude has been probably my longest running Soundcloud friend, but that’s not why I’m posting about him. I’ve been a fairly steady follower of his music. Lately, it sounds like he’s come into a new place with his sound, even though it still makes you feel drunk after a few listens, which in a very youthful way,  I really enjoy.  This comes from his particular brand of lo-fi. His voice always reminds me of the sound that would happen in the Lost Boys movie after MIchael drinks the blood. I sincerely feel like I’m swinging from bridges on this tune, waiting to see what’s beneath the fog. Lets just hope Nanook is there to save us all. Nab the FREE download.

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