Daniel Wilson

I have been having the hardest time sticking to a review of just one track, and I can’t do that here either! Daniel Wilson is out of Ypsilanti, Michigan and has the soul of ten thousand holy ghosts. This man can sing and make your heart bend into shapes you didn’t even know where possible. His lyrics are about life and love with the prospect of gaining and losing both. I could compare him to other musicians but honestly I don’t think that is necessary one bit, Wilson holds it up all on his own perfectly fine. “Killed Ya” is a simple and deep down soulful track about people who come in your life who make you change from the person you really are into this strange person. Killing your soul or turning you inside out. Get lost in the impeccable vocal range and simple rhythm of this unforgettable tune. (sounds cheesy! it’s not!!!!)

The next track I’m going to throw at you is a 3o second acapella tune Wilson recorded one month ago called “Young Rubbish.” I really wanted to put this track here because this is a blog dedicated to discovering new things, and I think that this song fits perfectly. Wilson sings about being young, and really following your dreams and keeping that thought forever, to stay ‘un grown.’ I hope it resinates with all sorts of ages, to give you guys the realization that no matter where you’re at in life its never too late to do what you really want to do.

Now lets talk about the illusive Daniel Wilson for just a second. This kid really has the vocal talent of gold, he throws the most dissonant chords from his voice creating the perfect amount of tension. I know this might sound crazy but his voice reminds me that of a female Tori Amos, she has a voice most anyone could listen to unaccompanied by her music any day. Elegance describes Wilson’s tracks very well I believe and what a word from a man growing up in Detroit. For now, it doesn’t seem that he has any albums released. Wilson is hoping that in the future he will learn and experiment with more instruments, right now he explains he feels limited on what he can do. I know we can expect great things from this man, so give him a welcome to the world of music because he’s about to leave everything else behind, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Tea Leigh

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