Naked House Paranoid And Neurotic

Naked House is Damon Guyett, from Waterdown Canada. On his soundcloud page it says “Naked House was born from a desire to find a way to express myself about why I think I am the way I am. I still haven’t answered my own questions concerning that yet, but that’s what the beauty about this project is to me. It’s the chase, paranoid and neurotic.” Many of us music makers feel this same way, but might not ever relay the message so clearly. If you find yourself making sounds and exploring the colors in your head, I’m guessing you’re looking for yourself while also creating something unique and plentiful for the rest of us to experience.  In the shapes we create, I find my traveling goes to the field. I’m walking into the sun with amber wheat at my knee, which is not the most creative comfort zone to think of, but its repeated use make it easy, especially in these sounds. Naked House has a very free action recording style. You can tell there’s plenty of joy going into it all. These aren’t forced tunes, but something played brightly, with a respect to the art.

~ Ryan Boos

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