Nite Moves One Of Best On SoundCloud

Nite Moves is from New York City, and her given name is Mica. The glitched out patterns, coupled with pop anthems, sound like what would come out of a recording session with Akufen and Stereolab. The style is not new, but her rate of delivery, and instincts toward cadence are top-notch. With quick samples like you find on “Laibac” it’s not as easy as repeating some hot hook over and over again. Mica takes you into other things, while staying true to her love for this technique. This really comes out on “Danse” nothing but epic flower buds dropping off the lips of a foreign language. The pictures been painted, and Nite Moves reveals how special they are. I had to share “In The Summertime” just to show you this Nite Move is for real. Shit is endless on her SoundCloud page, and she has two EPs out on Grappa Frisbee Records. This is the only thing you should be listening to tonight. And if you run a label she told me via email she’s looking for a home for these tracks. Someday soon I’ll be opening up a label through this blog, and I can tell you there wouldn’t  be a hesitation. She’s one of the best acts I’ve heard on SoundCloud, and I’ve heard plenty. Respect!

~ Ryan Boos

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