Remote Remote “Redundant Buzz”

The dream of the 80’s is alive in Remote Remote. Spring is here and it’s time for indie pop synth bubbles of goodness, here is your dose for the week! I don’t know about y’all, but with the change of the seasons my music taste shifts. Ladies and gentleman, Jahn Alexander from Washington D.C. is making my Monday pretty far out. Alexander’s track, “Redundant Buzz” is true to its words, but redundant in a way that you’d like to hear it over and over again. His voice reminds me of Bernard Sumner of New Order, I’m aware that’s a tall order but it’s very distinct.

Alexanders lyrics are very intentional, and well written out for you on his Bandcamp, which is a plus. He has no official album or EPs out at this time, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until he throws it at us. All of his sounds are very distinct and different from one another, Jahn is certainly a musician across the board. ┬áSo whatever kind of music it is you like, I’m sure he can, or has made it at some point. Go over to his BandCamp or SoundCloud and do your Monday a favor, you don’t want the rest of your week to suck.

Tea Leigh

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