Pleasure Curses Orbit Cool

DC’s Pleasure Curses are just cool sounding, which includes all the waves of 80’s you can handle. In part, it fits nicely with the indie pop trends of the last few years, but they offer up the goods without being entirely predictable. It’s really enjoyable, with focus on the less contrasted earnest tones of some of their tracks. Growing up with movies like the Breakfast Club, Lost Boys, and anything else from that period, Pleasure Curses flashes that light, and they know it. A big standout for me is the heavier tones of electronica, mashed with the steady orbit of rock, and glam style vocals. All together a dope body of work thus far. Well done dudes. Pleasure Curses is Jahn Alexander of Remote/Remote, and Evan Maxwell. Look for the first LP coming soon.

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