Zach Schimpf Rings Comfortable

In the morning, there’s a moment of grace when nothing else matters. We’re truly the people deep down inside of ourselves. There’s not enough hair gel in the world to change our level of liberty, when we open our eyes and are given another shot at the day. We know its fresh, and so much can happen before noon, when we begin to slide back down the hill again. It’s easy to forget this, to forget how much of a gift it actually is, and how many of us are not allowed to accept another one.

Out of St. Louis comes “Faulty Dreaming” and its such a powerful song. Zach uses his taste to sprinkle wonderful things throughout the tune. You can see your community in the woods behind the house you grew up in, you want to run with them. Often I wish to be with only the clothes on my back , a guitar and a few friends to sing with, as we ride the atmosphere like a purple pony in the wind (why not, right?). Zach Schimpf makes the kind of music that finds you imitating airplanes. I’m flying all over the these hazy acres today, looking over the edge on a city that’s never heard of a mellow nation.

Zach also just release a brand new song called “In Place” which is brilliant and continuing on with the same traditions as his other work. He uses effects in such a subtle way, and surprises you throughout with a real knack for panning, not only his voice, but the guitars. This is something I admire a great deal b/c I try to do this very thing on my own work.  Both of these songs I’ve shared today are beautiful because they don’t over use the things that make them that way. On occasion I hear The Shins well-known James Mercer a little, especially when Zach goes for it on a high level and even a little Phosphorescent with the style of music. They both create the distance between voice and  music in such a way that takes the listener somewhere, to make the experience riddled with texture and space. It’s important to present an adventure, an escapade of richness that we deserve for pressing play. Honestly I just want to keep writing about him, but I’ll stop for now.

You  can swoop up  the entire album called Comfortable on Bandcamp for free. and he has a nice collection of things on SoundCloud. Thanks Zach, for the sounds, and the free music. You’re truly an amazing creative explorer.

~ Ryan Boos

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