Jeffers Win “Searching For Susanna”

I must admit this track makes me very happy. Its with great pleasure I bring to you Jeffers Win, a 5 person ‘freak folk’ band trying to make a living in the middle of Manhattan, New York. As I listen to this track “Searching For Susanna” I am over taken by this sense of welcomed melancholy, the haunting melodies that come out of the vocals, the ukuleles, the cello , it all wraps me up in some sort of hindsight. This track makes me feel a lot of things about my college days. Those nights when you’re walking home from some party that was over crowded, not very worth it to mingle with everyone. Still you always walk home thinking of that one person you should have spoken to, but you didnt and the night is over. That is what this song brings me, those missed moments.

There is a line in this track, “you can suffer when you’re old”. This really resonated with me. I think in our youth we spend a lot of time thinking about all the bummers that have come about in our lives. There really isnt a lot of time for that garbage, is there?

Jeffers Win makes you realize a lot of things in one small track, no matter what type of person you are. There is this really beautiful dynamic between the two male & female vocalists, their words sometimes don’t match up but you can still some how understand just what they say. The juxtaposition of these mismatched stylings is what brings me so much love with this track.  The collective of musicians have only been together since December, and plan on releasing an EP sometime in May. I am told by the lead vocalist that there will be some psychedelic electronic tracks to go with the freak folk they have featured on their BandCamp  for free!  We’ve seen so much free music the past couple of days, hooray! I hope you enjoy this band as much as I have. Expect more far out things from Jeffers Win.


Tea Leigh

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