MOSIS “Waiting Game”

There is a limit to the type of music I will listen to, and after James Blake I kind of got disinterested in most kinds of “dub” until I found this cat on the SoundCloud. Not only does he touch my heart with the low dips in bass but he also remixes on of my most favourite dirty songs “pony” by Ginuwine . I know y’all remember that song “ride it, my pony” uh-huh. When I first put this track on I was skeptical about how to feel about it, I don’t know much about remixes or what really goes into them but you learn with each listen, right? Hooked. I continued down his list on SoundCloud and it was one good remix after another of those average 90’s rap/hiphop garbage pop songs that we loved so much back in the day. (I’m probably just speaking for my self. Texas for life.)

MOSIS doesnt seem to have a BandCamp or any releases out at the time but he does have a FaceBook you can go and follow his updates on. There are links under most of his tracks to download them for free, which is always a plus. This may not be everyones cup of tea, but it certainly is mine. I hope the rest of y’all can relax and enjoy this particular track as much as I have right now.

Tea Leigh


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