Auraloop High Gravity Fresh

Auraloop aka  L. is making high gravity ill-ish out of San Fran. On top of the music which is catchy, pumpin, and fresher than Will Smith on that show, he’s dropping lyrical fire. Behind the lyrics you can hear the subtle notion that this dude respects what he’s doing, takes it serious. The music isn’t weak or typical, just exactly where it needs to be, nothing flashy. Like a movie with real characters and a plot that relies on the script, not the special effects, L. brings it proper. All of this is parter of a larger plan, one that removes the singular for a more perfect union. L. is part of a nonprofit called Thirdeye Coalition. The group “helps to support mindful caused and positive local artists.” Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with L that dives in this coalition, and gives us some details on the music. L. currently has a couple of records online via bandcamp. There’s also a grip of music on his soundcloud, plenty of free stuff, and some others gems.

~ Ryan Boos

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