Ohsowhy Hybrid Blueberry

I think most sites have a “go to” Artist, who will inevitably get play on most of their releases. Ohsowhy is ours, or I should just say we like to cover her work. Mostly b/c its amazing, and she is the true essence of collaboration, the very reason this site was created. On the new single “Stranger/Sailor,” released via her soundcloud page, always. She teamed up with Diadainconsupertrafra. The song has, her now classic, canyon like voice, which sways over top of the music like a blueberry falling in slow motion. You can see this person sitting on top of a ridge doing yoga or something, or simply projecting the thing that makes them happy, probably all of us happy. There is a big bright spot on this number, at the 1:10 mark it picks up and breaks through, which is the most infectious moment on the song, the one that I wish would dominate. But that’s the beauty of Ylva and all of her tunes; in the name of life she’s willing to reward  you the obvious parts, but you have to patiently wait for it, like a kid during the reading hour before recess. Totally worth it, she always is to us.

Lyrics: To be // as lost as // a message in a bottle // floating // from continent to continent // and a stranger // finding it and gets his soul back // You don’t say you’re lost // I can tell you’re lost // but it will change within the waves // movements that will bring the best out of you // and the future is ahead // and the stars will lead the way // Feeling the breeze // and you’ll get there // you take the hand and sail away from here // Send a // message // in a bottle

~ Ryan Boos

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