Home Alone Skyfall Dots

Home Alone

On the new release Home Alone picks up those same blown out sunglasses with his trademark “dark sun” feel. Tracks like “Melon Collie” transcend the desert wonderer, thirsty for H20. Instead, the consumption is colored dots in the sky and you eat them to survive. The new album Crumbs was just released on the wonderful Bad Pop label out of Mexico. A very choice decision on Thomas Mazurkiewicz part, aka bluntastic supreme. If you missed Teddybears & Weed which came out earlier this year, I encourage you to nab that as well. Both releases have soul searching instrumentals that end up dropping into memorable hooks, showing off Thomas’s super cool vocal delivery; a stone bleached, pass out style, which finds you laying downtown in the park. I’m really enjoying the track “Swaying” off this new joint. He’s clever with his beats, which gets me almost every time. Nab both releases for free.

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