Memory Weeks

Cover Art For Memory Weeks By Ryan Boos

This week (October 16, 2020) I released a new album called Memory Weeks. For several years I’ve been working on another record, changing directions, micro-managing each new piece. Then Covid-19 hit and I thought it would give me more time to dive deeper into that body of work. But I was bored trying to figure out what it’s suppose to be. Art can make us feel lost so easily, it can tie our creative souls up in knots, suffocating the beautiful nature of making things. I decided in April I would put that project down and start something fresh, but this wouldn’t be just an album for me, more so a piece of time dedicated to recording without over thinking, or perpetually tweaking sounds. What came of it is Memory Weeks, a collection of songs recorded between April and June, 2020. I’m proud of it because I accomplished the goal to record and move on, and it’s different. Rather than stay into one lane of music, or style, I merged my taste together, allowed parts to be minimal, allowed songs to go where they took me, and rather than fix things to sound perfect, I let them lay in honest vulnerability, unafraid to expose being off and not perfect. The reward will come later.

I’ll get back to the previous album, it’ll be finished, but I needed the moments on this new conceptual piece to show me how to let go of things that mean so much, for a time. Any creation feels like a child you nourish, guiding it towards completion. The release is always anti-climactic in the immediate. The progress comes much later in self, you end up wearing it all over your face, you hear it in your voice and it comes out of your body.

Memory Weeks is a stamp on my Covid-19 experience. For all the horrible things happening now, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work on what I love. It’s another reason to keep going.

Available on all major streaming services.


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