Delano Taylor Texas Truth

Seems like I read somewhere that Texas is really putting out some great producers recently. I have no idea if that’s true, or just filler in a paragraph. I will say Delano Taylor is doing his thing out of Texas, so for the sake of staying on that course, I heard recently that Texas is really putting out some dope shit recently. Today, Delano Taylor is the dude producing that worthy hype. I have to start with his remix of North Highlands “Best Part.” If ever there was an anthem to run outside getting your neighbors to sing with you, this might be it. The thrill of this song, with its classic vocal riff sample, that sounds like some old classic house throw back joints I used to spin on the decks. Call it what you will, but your hand will be in the air, well one, the other will be sipping on some fine shit, while checking out something beautiful across the room. Don’t sleep on Delano Taylor.On “Hollywood” the sample hook is sweet enough to ride with, and of course the overall impression fits perfectly with the heat that’s coming. Delano sticks with what works, which for me is a highlight in any music. At times, sampled out work can get lost in experimentation, for me the overall idea is find something dope, and ride it out, in/out for a few minutes. Delano Taylor gets that, no doubt.

~ Ryan Boos

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