Julsy Vivid Foliage Dream

The voices are calling from a distance, the sort of distinct feeling you get when the loss of direction over takes your being. The energy is hard to come by, but you forget that your legs are still moving, even if your brain weighs a ton. On “Stray” these vivid impressions stick to my shoulders, and crawl up my spine. The unfocused imagery of an (almost) empty whiskey bottle, keep you dazed enough not to go through the door that you know leads to the wrong place. This tune rides the line between some serious shit for me. But its fantastic ability to run through multiple types of music, is exactly what we expect from a tune featuring France’s Julie Cocq AKA Julsy.

The other player on this tune Olaf. out of the netherlands has some great music on his site as well. At the age of 19 Olaf is making some wondrous ambient works that stand the tested value of good sound scape orientations.

~ Ryan Boos

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