Oldhouse Bicycle Remnants

Shining out of Glasgow, there’s a fantastic new group called Oldhouse. They just released their debut EP, which is FREE through bandcamp. The music veers in/out of many themes that are all rooted in Folk. Oldhouse lets loose though, take the track “Tumble,” an intimate tale of two souls connecting. This reminds me of a small group, in a small room, jamming with the window open, so the neighborhood can hear the declarations. The other track I found intoxicating was the more “freak folk” sounding “Submerge.” Through the hall you grew up in as a little child, you come of age, and remember writing on the walls. This song puts me in my hometown, thinking about the ghostly silhouettes, and the faded tracks of our youth, resting still in the new era. Those remnants represent the adventures we had, and how we implored ourselves to explore, as little dudes.

I suggest getting this entire record, it’s really wonderful, and reminds me of how great this kind of music can be, especially if it’s a memorial of suggestions, without depending on depressing you.

~ Ryan Boos

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