Echo Champs Gold Waves

Lush synth loops from Canada, Vincent Bussi or Echo Champs is a self-appointed chillwaver with extra emphasis on the wave. A personal favorite I might add, but there’s an atmospheric tone that gets me to some almost sad places here, mainly my own worry of self doubt, and terrible tendency to drown in past steps. It’s not that kind of music though, I think the aesthetic “Shiny Eyes” envelops is the kind that gets me wondering, and on occasion my foot gets stuck in an old thought I’d rather not remember.It’s also the perfect hazed out beach bum track, it gets you dazed out looking at the semi-awkward family trying to get their shit in order, so they can have a family picnic. The odd part of the tune is the sample vocal, it adds an element that gives this shiny number some genuine freshness. A hop-wave filled with atmospheric hip shakes that will either get you wet, or find you coloring alleyway bricks. Honestly I could paint a million pictures in my head based on this song, or it could be the super strong coffee this morning, mixed with the birds outside. Whichever is the stronger influence, Echo Champs has a plethora of releases on Bandcamp, and SC, so I would get into it here.

~ Ryan Boos

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