Starlit Everglades Curious Glow

These lights in perception that trickle down with a tender anger only lift with the ability to try to figure out how to breathe. I guess that sounds kind of silly. The late pause is ever-growing, the one which holds us down, traps our spirits in some sort of delusional culture. Even the most accepted of us can’t really rest on the winning of our achievements, after all, they end as soon as they begin. Think about how inflated hard work really is, even if after you still believe in it. What changes? What happens next? Do we really feel that some other world written about in a dusty text has the answers, no matter which version that is, or how complex its teaching? This starts to sound like nihilism, except the part that suggests curiosity into something more. There’s caring there, so much so that the raw emotion suffocates the physical action of trying to cope with this lackluster world we live in, or is it truly wonderful?

Starlit Everglades chills  somewhere in the United States. On their Facebook, the music is listed as “Medicine.”  I felt like shit before I hit play, and now I feel better. So, I guess I’ll go along with that cool way of describing the music. It’s the atmosphere, no doubt. “Dust Child” just came out and is a collaboration with Alopex, who also has some gems to look into.

~ Ryan Boos

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