Is And Of The – New EP – Latepril

Is And Of The

Washington, DC is home to Is and of The, an experimental electronic music project which incorporates sampling, with live instrumentation. It’s an impressive outing, one that puts the search to build something spectacularly explorative over all else. A beautifully designed bandcamp page exudes thoughts that would require you to search yourself. Lovely painted pieces that fit without gaps to this risky, and refreshing music. Its more or less great IDM that incorporates some true blue sounding organic instruments. I love the anarchist approach on some of these numbers. All of a sudden you’re at this place, then within seconds the transition is skipped and you’ve given birth to a new aesthetic, one that has you burnt from the scary yet dazzling adventure. The brand new 7 track EP, latepril was just released via bandcamp, nab it for a FREE DL, and explore the other great releases. Album artwork by Anissa Najm.

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